How Youtube got its name

How Youtube got its name

If you want to share your talents and videos to the whole world, youtube is one of the perfect platforms to do so. Youtube has about billions of users and pretty sure that even if it’s your first time uploading a video, it’ll reach a few hundreds of views. It gains even more views if the video you posted is somewhat relevant to today’s trends.

Users or subscribers watch 4 billion hours worth of video each month so you really don’t have to worry about your video not reaching your target viewers. Also, a little help or push like spreading the word can help your videos gain views.  Youtube has now expanded from devoting itself only to amateur videos, to distributing original content. They helped jumpstart careers of big stars like Justin Bieber.

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Turning points of Youtube throughout the years:

  • Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim were former PayPal employees who founded Youtube. Chad Hurley registered the trademark, logo, and domain in February 14, 2005. During that time, very few people had not even heard of Youtube. Karim got an idea from 2 key events back in 2004, when Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunctioned at the Super Bowl and the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean. In May 2005 youtube launched their beta site on this day.
  • September 2005 is the day youtube got its first 1 million-hit view of a Nike ad that went viral. It was a clip of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho receiving his pair of Golden Boots. Nike was also one of the first major companies to embrace YouTube’s promotional potential.
  • They launched off of beta in December 15, 2005 after a $3.5 million investment from Sequoia Capital in November 2005 which helped youtube improve its servers and launch to the public.
  • In June 2006, youtube promoted NBC’s fall TV line-up. This marked several key partnerships with content providers in the future. Google bought youtube for $1.65 billion after seeing its potential in October 2006.
  • Partner program was launched in May 2007 allowing people to get paid for their viral content. This made other youtubers quit their day job like Michael Buckley after putting up his youtube series “The What the Buck Show”.
  • In August 2007, google started rolling up the ads to start making money.
  • Justin Bieber was introduced to world by Usher in April 2009. The video that was shared got more than 820 million views. Youtube also won its Peabody Award for its achievements in electronic media. Youtube and Vevendi team partnered up to launch Vevo, a music video service, during this time.
  • Youtube started renting movies in January 2010. It started with a few movies that did well at Sundance, and has since grown to offer movies from companies including Paramount, Disney, NBC/Universal, Sony, and Warner Brothers.
  • Dan Savage launched the “It Gets Better” campaign on YouTube in October 2010 to send messages of hope to LGBTQ teenagers who felt bullied or ostracized because of their sexuality.The campaign ended up going viral, and even President Barack Obama participated.
  • In April 2011, YouTube officially entered the broadcast business with the launch of YouTube Live. YouTube Live has allowed the site to stream everything from concerts to news coverage to the royal wedding to the Olympics.
  • For the Summer Olympics in July 2012, YouTube powered NBC’s online video experience to let users watch any event live. You could also access the footage from essentially any device, be that your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • YouTube launched a one-stop channel for live election coverage in August 2012 called the YouTube Elections Hub.
  • Gangnam Stylehit 1 billion views in December 2012. 2012 in general was also huge for YouTube, with people watching more than 4 billion hours worth of videos every month.

These keypoints of youtube’s history made youtube what it is right now. It is not only used to garner attention from viewers around the globe, but also to learn from other people in other countries.