World of Fashion In Iceland

The World of Fashion In Iceland

Iceland fashion is a true testament of being practical and at the same time beautiful. It is no wonder that they put comfort first above all else yet not compromising the aesthetics of fashion. Here are some Icelandic inspired fashion trends that you might want to copy even if you are not somewhere near Iceland.

Icelandic women

Sweater Cape

Sweater cape might sound like a fashion item perfect for winter but as a matter of fact you can be able to wear this one anytime of the year. A warm wool sweater turned cape can truly be comfortable during the winter. If you want to be able to wear it on top of your usual daily clothes simply consider the textile. Look for thinner sweater capes so you can be able to wear it even during summer. Flowy ones are surely ideal especially when you are hitting the beach.

Mismatched Outfits

Icelandic women are not so concerned whether the outfits match or not. Fashion experts might exclaim that wearing two different patterns at the same time is a big no. But women in Iceland think otherwise. They are more up to the challenge of wearing different patterns and even clashing colors. And the good side is that they still look good and can be able to pull it off. You wouldn’t even say that it won’t match since it looks effortless on their end. You would rather want to copy their look but you might just end up looking funny unlike them.

Platform Boot

So you think platform boots are gone no more? But in Iceland, it still is the rave among a lot of women. There are still basic black boots but today there are a lot of adorable ones. You would surely feel like a Spice Girls wearing one. So where my girls at?

Wool Clothing

Warm clothes are a must in Iceland. And wool is the most basic there is. Anything with wool makes the freezing country all the more adorable and cozy. It might leave your skin itching for some but Icelandic women have come to terms with clothes made out of it.

Fashion in Iceland is not just pure aesthetics. Women in Iceland have managed to marry comfort and convenience. They don’t tend to sacrifice anything in the name of fashion. This is evident by their statements and how they dress. They are just up for the challenge to make themselves comfortable and weather ready; but they also managed to look good too.