10 Excuses To Get Out Of Work While Pregnant (Professional & Appropriate) (2023)

Women worldwide contribute to the economy no matter their situation. To beat the harsh economic times, more and more pregnant women work until the last day.

Every pregnancy is unique. With hormonal imbalance, you may not work as you used to. It’s okay to feel strong on some days and extremely low on others.

Is pregnancy a good reason to miss work? Yes! Pregnant women are delicate, and their health needs constant monitoring. However, you need to notify your employer about the cause of your absence.

11 Best Excuses to Call Out of Work

11 Best Excuses to Call Out of Work

What are some excuses to get out of work while pregnant?

Bear with me to find out.

10 Excuses To Get Out Of Work While Pregnant (Professional & Appropriate) (1)

Appropriate Excuses To Get Out Of Work While Pregnant

You can give several excuses to get out of work while pregnant such as medical appointments, hospitalization, back/pelvic pain, workplace injuries and delivery.

Further, if you have a documented pre-existing medical condition and are experiencing nausea/ dizziness in addition to premature labor contractions or Braxton Hicks, you can call in sick.

Sleep disorders like insomnia and prevalent contagious illnesses at the office are enough excuses to get out of work to protect you and your baby.

That said, every company has unique policies regarding working pregnant women. Take time to familiarize yourself with your employer’s rules first. Nevertheless, your baby’s safety comes first. Don’t shy away from asking for time off if you feel unfit to cope at work. Pregnancy is a temporary phase that will soon be behind you.

When Should I Take Time Off During Pregnancy?

You can take some time off from work anytime you feel abnormal discomfort or anything that interferes with your productivity. Any pain, movement or development is a big deal during pregnancy and may have life-threatening consequences. No one wants to see a woman vomiting and falling down all day due to pregnancy-related dizziness.

No matter how much you love your job, remember any delay in seeking medical help could lead to fatal conditions, including miscarriages, excess vaginal bleeding, stillbirths or disability. Don’t ignore how you feel due to fear of your colleagues. The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prohibits pregnancy discrimination in all workplaces. I’m not saying you give excuses daily. It’s about being extra careful with your health at work during this period.

10 Excuses To Get Out Of Work While Pregnant (Professional & Appropriate) (2)

10 Good Excuses To Call Out Of Work While Pregnant

Not all excuses are valid for a call out of work. Since you’ll need the job after delivering your baby, only excuse yourself when necessary. Flimsy reasons like requesting to go shopping for your munchkin may not be convincing.

Some good excuses to call out of work include:

  1. Medical appointments

Medical checkups are a crucial part of pregnancy. They give you peace of mind by confirming that both of you are safe and healthy. Further, checkups relieve the worries of not knowing if your little one is growing well. Since you should attend all appointments, update your employer about your upcoming medical appointment that may make you miss work.

  1. Pain in the lower back and pelvis

As your baby develops, he gains more weight that could strain your lower back and pelvis. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 50-70% of pregnant women have lower back pain.

While some discomfort around the back or hip area is normal, watch out if it goes off-limit. If you’re experiencing prolonged excruciating pain that makes bending, walking, or sitting impossible, requesting rest is okay.

  1. Nausea/fatigue/dizziness

Nausea, fatigue and dizziness are common among pregnant women during the first trimester. Usually, they are mild and go away as the pregnancy progresses. On the other hand, some women experience serious morning sickness until the last trimester.

The hormonal changes and fluctuating blood pressure levels may cause acute dizziness and sensitivity to smell. If you feel nauseous, tired, and dizzy, they are enough reasons to stay off work as you seek medical advice.

  1. Braxton Hicks contractions and premature labor contractions

As you near the delivery date, you may experience Braxton hicks (false labor) randomly and more often. Also, premature labor contractions may occur anytime from 37 weeks of pregnancy. Ask for permission to seek medical help to avoid medical emergencies at the office.

  1. Sleep disorders (insomnia)

A pregnant woman’s mind is full of plans, worries and dreams about the unborn baby. Combined with hormonal changes, a good number of women experience sleep deprivation. As the belly grows, no sleeping posture feels right. Insomnia may lead to low concentration at work and unproductivity. Instead of struggling with work, give this excuse to get some time off to rest and re-energize.

  1. Contagious/ communicable illness at work

Since you don’t work alone, it’s easy to get a contagious illness from your colleagues through interaction. Pregnant women have lower immunity and are highly susceptible to bacterial infections and other life-threatening diseases. If you notice co-workers are suffering from illnesses such as pink eyes, flu, fever and coughs, it’s wise to avoid the workspace to protect your baby and yourself.

  1. Vaginal Bleeding

You may notice some vaginal spotting during your visit to the washroom. Relax, that’s normal once in a while. However, any vaginal bleeding constantly occurring within the three trimesters is risky. Talk to your HR and go to your doctor right away. It could be an impending miscarriage or something serious that warrants medical attention.

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions

Aside from pregnancy-related complications, pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, lupus, asthma, and depression need close monitoring in pregnant women. Did you inform your HR about it once you were employed there? If they know it, it’s easier to call in sick. If you don’t have the information documented, it’s not yet too late to explain. This is a valid reason to leave or miss work. In the future, give all the paperwork regarding your medical conditions for future use.

  1. Hospitalization and delivery

You may get a medical emergency leaving you hospitalized. Inform your employer about your hospital stay immediately. Sometimes you may have to stay longer in the hospital, so applying for unpaid leave is a good idea.

Labor and irregular contractions may take place unexpectedly before your expected delivery date. That’s understandable. Going for delivery is an appropriate reason to explain your absence from work.

  1. Workplace injuries

Workplace injuries such as trips, falls, cuts and muscle strain or knee injuries could endanger the life of a pregnant mother and her unborn baby. If you get injured at work, you can ask your employer for an off day to seek medical attention in time.

There are numerous ways to get out of work when pregnant. I know the days you wake up feeling low for no reason and having no mood for work. That’s fine, but to earn the trust of your boss, only miss work with a good reason. There are indeed policies and laws protecting pregnant working women. However, keep the limits manageable.

Can You Get Fired For Missing Work Due To Pregnancy?

In most of the cases, yes. Company policies apply to everyone regardless of pregnancy status. You can be fired if you break the rules, fail to meet job targets or overlook communication protocols, you can be fired.


You’re wondering how the pregnancy discrimination act is supposed to protect you. The act ensures you don’t lose your job because you’re pregnant. Plus, it enhances you are treated equally to non-pregnant colleagues. Either way, you have to strive to be productive like other co-workers.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you are protected from firing. Every employer has unique policies that you should work within at all times. To safeguard your job, follow the specific guidelines regarding sick off-days, unpaid leaves and maternity breaks. If you have personal challenges, always consult your HR professional.

10 Excuses To Get Out Of Work While Pregnant (Professional & Appropriate) (3)

How To Give Excuses To Leave Work Early While Pregnant Professionally

While requesting work leave, it’s wise to do it with utmost professionalism. The following are helpful tips to guide you:

  • Operate within the company’s policies

Every company has its policies regarding sick offs and leave days. Try as much as possible to stick to set rules.

  • Communicate effectively

If you’re planning to leave work earlier than usual for special reasons, communicate clearly to your human resource.

  • Provide the necessary paperwork where necessary

Having documents to support your excuse gives your employer a deeper understanding of your situation. This is especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Try being honest

While you may require some time to relax in the house, be honest about why you’d like to leave work before time.

Wrapping Up

While some women work well during pregnancy, others constantly miss work due to pregnancy-related issues. This absence is understandable and should be communicated in advance.

The pregnancy discrimination act protects you against unfair treatment at the workplace. However, you must give valid excuses to get out of work while pregnant, including hospitalization, pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, morning sickness and medical appointments.

Following your employer’s policies, being honest, providing supporting documents and communicating effectively are ways to make excuses professionally.

All in all, put your health and baby’s first while working to secure the job. After delivery, you’ll have ample time to work on assigned responsibilities.

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What is a good excuse to miss work while pregnant? ›

Vomiting or morning sickness. Backache. Tiredness. Stomach pains.

Can my doctor write me out of work for pregnancy? ›

Obtaining a doctor's note depends on why you need one. For example, if you request a doctor's note for pregnancy restrictions, you can call your doctor and ask them to give you an excuse not to work. You will have to visit the office if it is more complicated.

What to do if you can't work due to pregnancy? ›

You can apply for disability by completing a one-time registration with myEDD, then file your DI claim using SDI Online. You can also order a Claim for Disability Insurance (DI) Benefits (DE 2501) from Online Forms and Publications and file by mail using the paper form.

How do I get through my work day when pregnant? ›

Handling fatigue
  1. Eat foods rich in iron and protein. Fatigue can be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia but adjusting your diet can help. ...
  2. Take short, frequent breaks. Getting up and moving around for a few minutes can be helpful. ...
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. ...
  4. Cut back on activities. ...
  5. Keep up a fitness routine. ...
  6. Go to bed early.
Apr 20, 2022

Can my job fire me for calling in sick while pregnant? ›

It is usually illegal to fire someone for being sick during their pregnancy. Pregnant workers in California are entitled to leave under the Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDLL) as long as their employer has five or more employees.

Can you call in sick while pregnant? ›

Your doctor can tell you if you're ill because of your pregnancy. You can't be dismissed for having time off sick because of your pregnancy as you're protected against discrimination while you're pregnant. You can find out about pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

Is it OK to take time off work when pregnant? ›

While you're pregnant you can take paid time off work for antenatal appointments your doctor, nurse or midwife recommends. This might include parenting or relaxation classes as well as medical appointments. You have a right to this time off if you're entitled to maternity leave.

How do I tell my boss I am unexpectedly pregnant? ›

Try this: I'm thrilled to share the news that I'm pregnant! I'm due in [number of weeks], but as you've seen my work output has not changed. I'd like work with you to devise a plan so there's coverage during my maternity leave, and in the meantime, I've pulled together notes on [your daily tasks].

How many hours can a pregnant woman work a day? ›

After 26 weeks: There should be no extended work hours, with a 40-hour week being the maximum for the employee/patient. No travel further than 50 miles is allowed. Lifting is restricted to no more than 20 pounds. No climbing on ladders or stools is allowed.

What counts as pregnancy related sickness? ›

Pregnancy related sickness is any medical condition or illness that is directly related to being pregnant, for instance morning sickness, extreme exhaustion, sciatica and pre-eclampsia.

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