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Can anyone tell me if you can get fired for missing to many days - May 2010 Babies | Forums | What to Expect (1)

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Can anyone tell me if you can get fired for missing to many days - May 2010 Babies | Forums | What to Expect (2)

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I work for wal-mart as a overnight stocker. I was pulled into the office last night for missing a total of 18 days since I have become pregnant. I was giving a d-day to decision if I want to stay working for them. If I miss any more unauthorized days off I will be fired. what can I do? I need to stay working at least until closer to my due date.

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You need to suck it up and go to work. I've only missed two days of work so far and it was because I had a horrible sinus infection and could not talk or swallow. 18 days is way too many, I'm surprised they haven't had the talk with you sooner. I know it sucks going to work when you don't feel good but you have to.




yuppers... i work 12 hour shifts and only missed 1 day so far....I was in the ER! Still got a mark against me. unfortunately whenever you begin working somewhere you agree to their attendance policy. My advice would be to review the Walmart policy to be certain of your rights as an employee. But honestly, mama, 18 days in 1 year is a lot for any company.
24 weeks and counting!




Woah...I think we're being a little judgemental here. jlacy- have you been experiencing complications that are causing you to miss work? I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum in the first trimester and I'm still getting sick at 23 weeks. I've missed about as much work as you - between dr. prescribed bedrest, hospital visits, and days when I literally had no calories and fluids in me and could barely move.

However, once all that started, I was up front with my employer about what was going on. I had doctor notes each time I had to miss so they knew that it was doctor recommendation to not be at work.

Yes, they can fire you for violating their attendance policy. You may be able to work something out, though, if you have some sort of medical issue preventing you from working your regular schedule. If that's the case, talk to your doctor about what an appropriate schedule would be and see if they can accomodate. They don't legally have to, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Good luck!


honestly I read the first 3 posts of what some of the girls were saying and all I can say is GOOD FOR THEM FOR HAVING AN EASIER PREGNANCY THEN SOME OF US!

Talk to your doctor about what it is that is causing you not to feel good. Most will understand and give you a note for your employer. Being pregnant can be very hard for alot of girls. I have missed many days dealing with medical conditions related to pregnancy. I am currently on complete bedrest. I guess some of the ladies that were so quick to judge you will tell me to suck it up and go against doctors orders since they make it to work everyday. I don't know what the laws are for where you live but if you are fired under doctors care then you can collect unemployment.

I have a job that I really love and worry sometimes that they may be getting sick of me having to miss work. But I keep a good relationship with my boss and try to be sure that when I miss I have an excuse from the doctor. Good luck and please don't let some of these cold opinions get to you.




Unfortunately if you have that many unexcused absences they can fire you, pregnant or not. If you are missing work because of being extremely sick (hyperemesis, etc.) than you need to get doctor's notes for missing work.




Wow! I can't believe the responses to this so far. Have none of you heard of FMLA? It's an act to protect you against being fired for things such as cronic medical conditions even if they are intermitent. Pregnancy falls under this!! You need to talk to your HR department and find out what their procedures are to qualify. Some places require that you have been there a year and worked a certain amount of hours the previous year. You typically are given paperwork to have your doctor to fill out. Then when you are unable to work you would say it's pregnancy related and they can't do anything about it up to 12 weeks per year!

Hope this helps! Good luck. :~)




Would this girl fall under that though? I was thinking the same thing when I read her post. But I'm not sure that calling in sick, say, once a week even if related to the pregnancy falls under the FMLA guidelines.Â
And if she didn't seek doctor's care each time then that could be a blow, too.

I've missed a day here and there for morning sickness but I never sought medical attention for it. Fortunately, it has never been an issue for me.Â




I think it really depends on your company's sick leave policy (i.e. do you need to bring a doctor's note, do you get a certain number of excused sick days, etc.) as well as your relationship with the company. As for the FMLA, from what I read from my employer, you can't just take a day here or there. My job lets me take up to 12 weeks in any one year period (once I take maternity leave and come back in August, I wouldn't have any FML left until the following August if I use all 12 weeks).Â

Honestly, I think this might fit more under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Pregnancy is considered a disability so employer's have to have a lot of documentation before they can fire you while you are pregnant or on maternity leave. I hope it all works out for you, I have read a lot about walmart and they don't exactly seem to have lots of policies that protect and take care of their workers. Good luck.

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